ZOKE CRANE 400 Ton 500 Ton 600 Ton Power Station Rail Track Moving Gantry Crane

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ZOKE CRANE 400 Ton 500 Ton 600 Ton Power Station Rail Track Moving Gantry Crane

Year Built
Backhoe Loader
Earthmoving Machinery
All tarian
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 Company  Introduce


ZOKE Crane, built in 2005 in China, it fills an incredibly wide range of the many diversified needs of crane products:

overhead crane, jib crane,gantry crane, crane spares such as: crane wheel, crane hook, crane drum, etc. Until now,

we have made plenty of successful customization projects for the clients over 50 countries.

The feature of ZOKE Crane is that we sell products by our rock bottom price to live in the intensely competitive market.

The advantages of us are:
Ø Low profit in every order. We make small profits but many turn-over;
Ø Low labor cost. We adopt advanced device to realize standardized production to save a part of labor cost;
Ø No compromise on quality and guarantee terms although our profit is small.

As the manufacturer with the most reasonable price, we conduct our business ethically and responsibly. Looking forward

to solve your problems perfectly with a most preferential offer!

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Double Girder Gantry Crane

1.A Model Double Girder Gantry Crane applied outside warehouse or railway sideways to do common lifting and unloading works.

2.It is composed of bridge, support legs, crane traveling organ, winch trolley,electric equipment, strong lifting winch, the frame adopts box-type welding machanism.

3. Operational methods:cabin or remote control.

4. Power is supplied by cable or slide wire.

5. We offer different capacity according to your requirement.

Double Girder Gantry Crane (Trussed type)

1. This kind of crane is mainly applied to port, the freight yard, windy areas and other outwork places for material handling.

2. The Double Girder adopts truss-type welded structure, this result to small windward side.(The wind-pressure is less than 125Pa.)

3. Electric equipment for the trolley adopts soft conductive cable, large carts adopt sliding contact line, and cable reel-type is available.

>> Details of heavy duty gantry crane 50t



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Double grider gantry crane features heacy dead weight, strong structuer and easy installation and maintenance,so that

it is applicable to outdoor operational sites of medium and large lifting load for general handing such as factories and

mines, freight yards and warehouses. it is prohibited to operate in the environment with inflammable, explosive and

corrosive gas.



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>> Our philosophy: 

Quality makes brand , honest weaves the future.We hope Zoke make contribution to economy

indusry‘s taking off. Hold hands of Zoke being friends for ever.We will sincerely seek for

common progress and resplendence cooperatiing with all friends and establish brilliance.

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>> Professional

Technology Dept.

Kuangshan Crane have more than 100 engineer to design the drawing, we can supply CAD and 3

drawing for your workshop.


Quality inspection Dept.

As for the quality, no need to worry. Our inspection team deal with it strictly. They sign together 

when finished the inspection.



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In order to make a very quick offer and saving your time, it’s better to fill the information below.Copy

 and send us the information together with the inquiry.It’s better to send us a drawing,sketch or 

show us data and then our engineer can work out a full suitable solution just for you.

Load capacity (       ) Tips:5t 10t 16t 20t 30t 40t 20t up to 550t
Span  (       ) Tips:6m-40m
Lift height (       )  
voltage (       ) Tips: 380V 50Hz AC 3-phase or please note
Duty class (       ) Tips:A5 A3 if you don;t know, please note 
Hours per day (       )  
Control way (       ) Tips: remote control, cabin control or pendent control
Lift speed (       ) Tips:single speed or double speed 
Cross &long travel speed (       )  
Rail supply needed (       ) Tips:if yes please note the length
Power supply needed (       ) Tips:if yes please note the length
Your nearest port (       )  

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All tarian
Earthmoving Machinery
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