600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

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600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

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600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

Product Description

Shipbuilding gantry crane is a kind of great lifting capacity, large span, high lifting altitude, multi function, high efficiency of gantry crane, is special for the fragmented transport, end-to-end joint and turning operation of large ship hulls. ME shipbuilding gantry crane is used in the place of manufacturing of ship and dock. With the development of large-scale shipbuilding, Shipyard gantry crane for sale , shipbuilding gantry crane is the rapid growth of demand. Compared with the traditional portal crane, large shipbuilding gantry crane has the obvious advantage of the installation and transportation of hull sections. It spans the dock (berth), can provide on-site assembly service at the coverage plane in the dock, not only has the lifting, horizontal transport function, but also can implement hull air turnover, adjusting the fragment to the welding position of ship required.

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Technology Parameters 


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Shipping Building Gantry Crane Main Specification
Lifting capacity 2x25t+100t 2x75t+100t 2x100t+160t 2x150t+200t 2x400t+400t
Total Lifting capacity t 150 200 300 500 1000
Turning over capacity t 100 150 200 300 800
Span m 50 70 38.5 175 185
Lifting Height Above rail 35 50 28 65/10 76/13
Below rail 35 50 28 65/10 76/13
Max. Wheel load KN 260 320 330 700 750
Total power Kw 400 530 650 1550 1500
Span m 40~180
Lifting Height m 25~60
Working duty A5
Power source 3-Phase AC 380V50Hz or as required

Product Features

1) It have multiple functions of single hanging, hoisting, turnover in the air, slight horizontal turnover in the air and so on;
2) The gantry falls into two categories: single girder and double girder. To rationally utilize materials, the girder adopts optimum design of variable section;
3) The gantry rigid legs with a single column and double column type for customer choice.
4) Both the upper trolley and the lower trolley can cross each other for operation;
5) All the lifting mechanism and travelling mechanism adopts frequency conversion speed regulating;
6) On the top of the girder at the side of rigid leg is equipped a jib crane to accomplish maintenance of upper and lower trolley;
7) In order to prevent the storm attack, such safe and reliable anti-wind devices as rail clamp and ground anchor are equipped.






Shipbuilding gantry crane with large lifting capacity, large span, multiple functions and high efficiency, 

which is specially used for docks (or berths) to conduct segmental transportation of large hulls, 

butt and turning operation. 

It has three forms of structure, such as single trolley, shifting double trolley, and upper, lower trolley.

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Main Products

600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

The products meet the factory, workshop, port, mining, waste disposal, goods scattered, petrochemical, aerospace, military and other industries of universal bridge crane, overhead crane, eot crane, door crane, universal gantry crane, rubber tyre and rail mounted container gantry crane four link type portal crane, quayside container crane, crane, crane hook, mining grab crane, gantry crane, ship loader, grab bucket ship unloader, stacker reclaimer, dredger, mobile platforms and other types of hydraulic crane technical requirements. 

600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer





Quality Control


600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

WEIHUA founded China’s first crane design R & D team and there are 500 personnel now, developed the anti-swing technology independently and has obtained more than 100 patents. WEIHUA has been the post-doctoral scientific research workstation of Henan Province for four consecutive 4 years. WEIHUA has its own independent laboratory and has passed the CNAS certification, it is the only one industrial crane production and testing base appointed by government.

600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

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Company Information


600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

From 1988 to the present, WEIHUA Group started from an area of less than 3 acres, ¥100,000  investment in the workshops to the current development of The employees is more than 6,800, the whole coverage production base of large crane is 3420000 square meters. WEIHUA annual sales reached ¥10,000,000 in 2006. Won social-wide recognition and praise by credit management and good service, took the lead go through the ISO9001 quality certification in the local area and same industry by its strict quality management and stable product manufacturing quality, WEIHUA initially forms the enterprise culture, enterprise image and widely brand influence with Weihua characteristics. 

Further more, as the designated supplier of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, Weihua accelerated the launch of Chang’e successfully.

600 ton heavy lift shipbuilding gantry crane manufacturer

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Q. What’s the information should I provide when inquiry?
More details or drawings, better.
A: Lift capacity B: span C: lift height D: power sourceor other specials you give us will be more appreciated.
Q. How many operating methods for my selection?
Standard operating methods:
A: pendent controller with push buttons .B: remote control with push buttons
C: cabin(space capsule seat) control with joystick. Choose any type as you like.
Q. Can this type work in hazardous environment?
A:Sure! We can customize for you, acid proof or explosion proof, no problem for that.
Q. Can you provide the serious lifting tools?
A:Sure, we can provide any lift tools such as lift sling belt, lift clamp, grab, magnet or other specials as your requirement!
Q. How can we install the crane?
A:Our senior engineer can be your side to do the installation guide service and training. Moreover, our best sales can visit your country.
Q. Safety device
A:Overload limiter, Limit Switch (lifting and traveling), Interlock protection device.



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Year Built
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