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40ft New High Cube Shipping Container

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8 months ago

40ft New High Cube Shipping Container

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$ 1,400.00
$ 1,292.00


SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOR SALE – 6m/20ft and 12m/40ft Standard and High Cube – Cape Town

We have received the following stock :

6m GP Grade B containers (Wind and Water tight – Good condition – Minimal Dents – Minimal Rust)

12m GP Grade B containers

12m HC Grade B containers

We are specialised in the sale of NEW and USED Shipping Containers through Africa and Namibia.

we have received a batch of ONE TRIPPERS in GP 20ft/6m Cargo Worthy units. A few units left.

One Trip containers are the best quality units available on the market.

They are called “One Trippers” because they have been used one time in transit between Asia and Africa.

Technically they aren’t brand new because they have been used once, but they are as close to brand new as you can get.

There is no question that this is the best quality for your money. They have spent only weeks at sea instead of years and the only signs of wear on them that can possibly be noted of their sole trip across the ocean are tire marks on the floor from a forklift unloading it or very small scratches on out outside corner posts where it was picked up to be loaded. Other than that there is virtually no wear and tear.

The units are the ones on the pictures.

They come with additional features :

– Forklift Pockets

– Lock Boxes

– Treated anti slip flooring

– High locking rods

If interested, because of high demand, we will treat first come first serve per email.

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