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7 Reasons Repurposed Shipping Containers Make Sense

From sturdy cargo boxes that ship goods across the globe to innovative modular building elements, repurposed shipping containers are revolutionizing modular building. Upcycled containers have become an alternative to traditional modular construction, and they come with many benefits. Here are seven reasons to opt for a repurposed shipping container.Read More

How To Move a Shipping Container

Let’s say you ordered a shipping container, the modifications are complete, and it’s ready for transportation. How exactly do you move a shipping container? Well, you have options. There are several ways to move a shipping container; choosing the right method will depend on your circumstances. In this blog post, we walk through the options to […]Read More

Should You Rent or Buy a Shipping Container? 4 Questions to Ask

Here at Falcon Structures, customers often ask us when to buy and rent shipping containers. The truth is: It depends on the structure and the circumstance. We respond to our customers by asking:Read More

4 Outside the Box Buildings Made Out of Shipping Containers

Over the past decade, buildings made out of shipping containers have grown in popularity. Today, there are countless container-based buildings that not only look cool but also stand as essential structures for the many interesting organizations. Here are a few of our favorite buildings made out of shipping containers to date:Read More

Modified Shipping Container Security — A Safe Alternative?

For decades, businesses and organizations relied on modular storage buildings made from wood to keep items under lock and key. Not only was it expensive, but they often fell short when it came to security. Today, shipping container security is praised by many organizations as a top-tier solution, replacing many stick-built structures.Read More

How the Structural Strength of Shipping Containers Stands Up to Severe Weather

At the turn of the century, steel-framed skyscrapers transformed city skylines. The availability of high-strength and relatively low-cost steel enabled architects to shatter the technical limitations of stone and mortar and build upward. The same can be said for the steel of shipping containers. Thanks to steel and shipping container structural strength, modified containers can […]Read More

Choose the Optimal Shipping Container Bathroom Design for Your Business

Employees working on jobsites or guests visiting a public space need restrooms. Portable chemical toilets may work in some cases, but they are often an unpleasant experience for the user and difficult to keep clean. Shipping container bathrooms, on the other hand, offer a more durable, comfortable, and easy to clean space for employees and […]Read More

Portable Office Storage Container: The Unit You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nearly every company needs both office space and storage space, no matter if it’s in the form of a modified container or traditional building. Despite these common needs, many organizations plan for workspace and storage space individually – even prioritizing one over the other – but the ability to combine the spaces, into a portable […]Read More

Why Shipping Containers Make Ideal Motor Control Center Enclosures

Back in the 1950s, the automobile industry was the first to commonly use motor control centers (MCCs) to accommodate the large number of electric motors used in manufacturing. Today, many industrial and commercial companies rely on MCCs to keep electric motors and other devices in a central location. Although many MCCs are placed directly on […]Read More

10-Foot Shipping Container Dimensions and Uses

Compact in size, yet sturdy in build – a 10-foot shipping container benefits many organizations as modified storage units, equipment enclosures, and workspaces. The dimensions of a 10-foot shipping container, along with modifications, help make a 10-foot unit perfect for a variety of use cases. Let’s take a closer look.Read More